Welcome to Hungary

דף הבית / Welcome to Hungary

Keren Or Chabad is happy to give you a warm welcome

Here is information for Jewish Life in Hungary

Schedule of the Keren Or Chabad Synagogue – Budapest

1052Budapest, Károly krt 20


Winter: Mincha – 13:00, Kabbalat Shabbat – 18:00

Summer: Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat – 19:30

Kiddush and Shabbat meal immediately after services.


Chassidut studies – 9:00

Shacharit – 10:00

Kiddush and Shabbat meal - 12:30

Mincha and Seuda Shlishit - About half an hour before sunset.

Maariv - At the conclusion of Shabbat

Shabbat Meals for Tourists

We are happy to host tourists for Shabbat meals

at the Keren Or Chabad House in Budapest

Fee: Friday night - €30, Shabbat day - €25, Shalosh Seudos - €10

We welcome donations beyond these sums.

It is advisable to pre-register on the internet site, or at the Chabad House,

by 13:00 on Friday

Prayer times on weekdays

At the Chabad Shas Chevra Lubavitch Shul

1061Budapest, Vasvári Pál u. 5

Shacharit prayer

Morning daily: at 8:30

Sundays and national holidays: at 9:00

Moderator and Maariv

Sundays - Thursdays: 15 minutes before sunset.

Hebrew Torah classes at the Keren Or Chabad House in Budapest

Daf Yomi (at the Vasvari Chabad Shul, VI. Vasvari Pal utca 5. Sundays - Fridays at 6.45, Shabbat 7.45

Daily classes in Chumash and Tanya: Sunday to Friday, 9:15 (at the Vasvari Chabad Shul)

Sunday: 19:30 – Daily Rambam

Monday: 19:30 – The Secret of the Soul – Self-awareness According to the Tanya

Tuesday: 19:30 – Gemara

Wednesday: 19:30 – The Laws of Shabbat

Thursday: 19:30 – Parasha class

Open University for Judaic Studies for Students

Sunday: 19:00

Friday: winter: 18:00, Summer: 19:30

There is a Visitor’s Center in the Keren Or Chabad House

The King David Lounge.

Computers with internet and printer, hot and cold drinks

Tefillin laying, information etc.


A beautiful well-equipped women’s mikveh

For immersing, contact the attendant:

Rebbetzin Bat Sheva Oberlander

Tel. +36-2-961-5419

Men’s Mikveh

Open only in the mornings

Address of the Mikvehs:

1075Budapest, Kazinczy u. 16

The Chabad House in Debrecen

Rabbi Shmuel and Rikki Faigin

4028Debrecen, Ajto u. 17

Tel. +36-70-978-7167

Email: chabaddebrecen@gmail.com

Website: chabaddebrecen.com

Store Selling Religious Artifacts:

Mezuzahs, Tefillin, Yarmulkas, Tallitot, Judaica etc.

In the Keren Or Chabad House

Kosher Stores and Restaurants

Carmel Restaurant – meat

1075Budapest, Kazinczy u. 31

Tel. +36-1-322-1834

Cari Mama - Milk Restaurant and Pizzeria

1075Budapest, Kazinczy u. 28

Tel. +36-1-342-0231

The Freulich Bakery

1072Budapest, Dob u. 22

Supermarket for Kosher Products

1074Budapest, Dohány u. 36

Tel. +36-70-632-277

meatup - fast food

1075 budapest' sip u. 5

tel. +36-20-508-4944

A list of kosher foods available in Hungary, as well as the Shabbos and Yom Tov times and other Jewish information, can be found on the internet site of the Israeli Community in Hungary:


Rabbi Shmuel Raskin

Rabbi of the Israeli Community in Hungary

welcomes questions and requests regarding any Jewish issue

Service from the heart …

Tel. +36-12-66-0308

Email: raskin770@gmail.com

Map of Jewish Quarter

1. The Keren Or Chabad Center, Károly korut 20

2. Jewish Museum, Dohány u. 2

3. Supermarket for kosher products and butcher shop, Dohány u. 36

4. Pizza, Bakery and Dairy restaurant, Kazinczy u. 28

5. Fruelich Bakery, Dob u. 22

6. Carmel Restaurant (meat, glatt kosher), Kazinczy u. 31

7. Shas Chevra Lubavitch Shul, Vasvári Pál u. 5

8. Mikvehs – Kazinczy u. 28

9. Jerusalem Point – Israeli Café, Paulay Ede u. 1

בואו נדבר בוואטסאפ